MNVOAD has created several new areas of involvement:

  • Regional Liaison Teams now cover the entire state of Minnesota. Following the HSEM (Homeland Security and Emergency Management) Regional Program MNVOAD now s a counterpart  to each  of their coordinators. Our Regional Liaisons will be working closely with city and county emergency managers along with the HSEM Regional Program Coordinators.  One of their duties will be to acquire 'ground truth' on disaster assistance requests.  To do that they will be utilizing our MnVOAD Liaison Tool.
  • The Planning Team has met several times and is currently working on our Concept of Operations. This will help guide us to plan for and respond to disaster quicker and more effectively. We began with a two-fold approach focusing on 1) slowly developing or anticipated disasters (flooding, etc.) and 2) quick response to fast emerging disasters (tornado, high-winds). The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new model that we are addressing along with the State of Minnesota and focusing on at this time. 
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee is now being created with several of our member organizations signing on to assist us in growing and serving.
  • Disaster Education Committee is beginning to take form.  We are excited to see this as an opportunity for growth and outreach.  There are exciting discussions taking place and we are looking for more of our partners and members to join us.

MNVOAD has created a MnVOAD-Internal Member Assistance Request form.  Please use this if you are a member or partner requesting assistance from our other members.

MNVOAD and MN Homeland Security/Emergency Management host weekly conference and tactical calls each Tuesday morning at 10:00 am. Minutes of the last call is here.

American Red Cross

This story highlights the Red Cross response to a request from our Service to Armed Forces (SAF) group to sew masks for use on military installations and at VA hospitals, asking for volunteers to help meet needs for masks.

A new Red Cross program offering virtual condolence assistance for those who have lost a loved one due to COVID-19.

Minneapolis Drake Fire Response

MNVOAD would like to thank each of our partner organizations for assisting the Red Cross in working at our MARC (Multi-Agency Resource Center).  We had 10 different organizations with 61 volunteers on Friday, January 3rh and 37 on Saturday, January 4th.  Organizations that assisted were: Salvation Army; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Headwaters Relief Organization; United Way 2-1-1; Tsu Chi; HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response; Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT); NECHAMA; Paws for Learning; and ARRL/ARES. The University of Minnesota Medical Reserve Corp also assisted heavily.


Updated MNVOAD/HSEM MOU Signed

This Memo of Understanding (MOU) defines MNVOAD's working relationship with MN Dept of Public Safety,  Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters in the state of MN.  It is a symbol of our valuable partnership and is critical to enabling our collaborative efforts statewide.  Only minor changes made to the previous version, with added language around handling of sensitive information, and was signed on December 12, 2019 by HSEM Director, Joe Kelly, and MNVOAD President, Ryc Lyden.  The full document can be viewed here: HSEM MOU - signed 2019.pdf

Support in Duluth after October Windstorm

After winds up to 74 mph hit Duluth on October 21st, dozens of homeowners were confronted with tons of downed trees and debris on their properties.  As usual, those residents with resources handled their own clean-up but local emergency management requested MNVOAD aid to help 5 homeowners who were still struggling.  Several MNVOAD member agencies leaned it to this request and volunteers, 7 from UMCOR - Minnesota Annual Conference of United Methodist Church, then 10 from Latter-day Saint Charities, deployed to cut, haul and dispose of tree debris from these remaining properties in Duluth (Investing 67 total volunteer hours) 

UMCOR - Nov 4, 2019


LDS - Nov 9, 2019


IOCC Trains Emergency Response Team Leaders in MN

July 2019 - MNVOAD member International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) recently trained 35 new Emergency Response Team Leaders, who came to Minneapolis from all over the US, so they could lead volunteer teams in Disaster Response. Part of their training was on proper chainsaw usage which they were able to put to use at a home outside of Northfield, MN that had over 300 trees downed after a recent wind event.